Welcome to CBT Eastbourne

Welcome to CBT Eastbourne, providing a local service of proven talking therapies to Eastbourne

Finding the best talking therapy for you, matched with the right therapist for you is what makes therapy effective.

Starting summer 2011

Whilst we specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) including teaching & managing NHS therapists, our practitioners are drawn from a range of approaches meaning that we can match the best therapy to you.

Not everything works for everyone and our careful assessment ensures that from the start, we work with you to tailor your therapy..

You are very welcome to contact us or for more comprehensive information on our services, please see the central Talking Therapies Network hub site.  To arrange a session by calling our central referral number on 01273 90 65 90.

This service will be launched in summer 2011

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With a range of ways of accessing our services, including Skype and VOiP, receive therapy by the most convenient method.

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